Wow it’s the middle of January already ! How did that happen? Hope 2015 is treating you well so far.
So far our main concern this year appears to be mud. It turns out that there might be a silver lining to the huge black cloud caused by John Griffiths stealing our money and not providing the stables. Our back lawn floods! So if we had the temporary stables where we intended we would be up a certain creek, or at least in the middle of a lake, without the required means of propulsion😥
As it happens Magnum and Sapphire seem perfectly happy spending their nights in the garage. The only down side, apart from Tobina the Rav 4 having to winter out for the first in her life, is having to wade across the lawn and through the Valley of Death to get to and from the fields. Hal and I are trying to get freestyle downhill horse skiing into the next Winter Olympics. We should do quite well!

In the spirit of starting afresh in the New Year I feel I shp make a confession . Despite this blog being called Poo Picking in the Dark, I never actually poo pick! That delight is entirely Hal’s privilege. It just isn’t practical for me to poo pick. I do most of the mucking out though. So the answer to the question , ‘how does a blind person muck out a stable?’ Is, by hand and very very slowly! Don’t worry any of my massage clients who might be reading this – I promise you I wear gloves, and wash my hands thoroughly afterwards. It does worry me how slow I am though. It was taking me over 2 hours at first! I can do it in 1 hour 40 minutes now, but it’s only 2 horses. How will I cope when we’ve got 3? I saw an ad for a groom on a professional yard the other day. Applicants had to be able to muck out 4 to a high standard in an hour. Perhaps not the job for me then!😉