Set Backs, but only minor ones

We were supposed to have been spending the night away for the first time since being here this weekend. It was for one night, but the planning and organisation that went into it was worthy of a military campaign. Hotel booked, horse sitter found, Ripley booked to stay with my Dad, Quincey booked to stay with dog boarder,neighbours conned. Into feeding cats. The dogs had been dispatched and the neighbours and horse sitter had been given keys and instructions..
Then – Hal got Flu! We weren’t going anywhere. He really is very poorly.
Thankfully the newly found horse sitter, Amy, was kind enough to help me out on Saturday bringing the horses in. There was no way Hal could do it.

Sadly last week I had another call from the Vet. They’d been looking more deeply at Magnum’s X-rays. It turns out that there is some deterioration in his near side fore navicular bone after all, and some calcification around his ligament.

On the subject of ligaments, I have damaged my colateral ligament , so have a very painful and swollen knee.
We’re all a bunch of crocks really😰

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