Concrete and Hardcore – The stuff of dreams!

Wow what a week! Not only have we had our lovely friend Steve staying with us for a few days, attended the Riding club AGM.
, visited friends in Plymouth, and had the farrier out; but…
Oh yeah ! Whoop Whoop!
Although things had been sorted, workmen booked and deposits paid, we really didn’t expect work to begin fora few months yet because the ground is to wet. One of the conditions of our planning permission is the kerb at the top of the field access has to be dropped and the first 10 metres must be concreted. So imagine our delight when we get a phone call out of the blue asking if it would be alright to start work on the kerb on Monday.
In less than a week, Pat May has dropped the kerb, scraped all the mud out of the Valley of Death, laid hardcore down through the Valley to the field gate, laid just over 10 metres of concrete drive, replaced a gatepost , rehung the valley gate, and cleaned up after himself at every step. He’s transformed a treacherous mud bath into a useable access way, and, except on concreting day, he did it all by himself . We’re delighted , and can’t recommend him highly enough!
We don’t know when he’ll be back to do the next phase, it really does need to dry out beforehand , but it’s all feeling a lot closer now😄

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