One of my favourite times of the day is first thing in the morning when I go to check the horses. In general life I very rarely do anything entirely by myself. So early mornings, especially now the horses are turned out, are prescious. We have the paddocks configured so I can follow the fence line to the gates, so no need for assistance. It’s me, the horses, and Mother Nature in all her glory. Heaven!
All I actually do is make sure Magnum and Sapphire in one piece (or should that be two pieces?), check any rugs they might be wearing are straight and secure, tell them about the day ahead, and give them each a mint if they have come to call. I don’t kno about them, but it certainly sets me up for the day😄

The problem occasionally arises of the horses not coming to call though! Sometimes they just have their own agenda and totally ignore me. I can call and rattle treat bags til the cows came home. They just don’t want to know! This leaves me with a problem, and one that I don’t kno how to overcome. How do you find two secretive horses in a field if you can’t see them?😰