For Want of a Saddle

At the end of March I took Magnum’s Wintec saddle and Sapphire’s Hoobea saddle into the saddlery in Hatherleigh for them both to have a service. I made a categorical mistake! I used the words “There’s no need to rush”.

To be honest we don’t use Sapph’s saddle because of the lump just where the girth sits. Wearing a saddle is a no no. Also, at the the time Mag’s was lame. So a couple of weeks delay was neither here nor’s been 6 weeks now, and I’m starting to feel a bit annoyed.

I chose Hoopers for 2 reasons. 1, they were recommended by several people, and 2, Jody Hooper was one half of Hoobea Sadddles who built Sapphire’s saddle. However I have mixed feelings about the choice.

When I still hadn’t heard anything by the end of April I gave her a ring. 2 days later she rang me back to tell me both saddles were in pieces, and that she was waiting for some stuffing for the Hoobea to be delivered, she had ordered it “the other day”. The inference here is that she hadn’t touched either saddle until I rang her. Not very impressive. However, she had stripped Magnum’s saddle right down, and had discovered that the tree was cracked! Bad news, but I’m so glad she was so thorough. I’ve had a feeling that something was amiss for some time now, but nobody seemed to be Interested. That’s why I have mixed feelings.

Hopefully I will get Sapph’s saddle back on Tuesday. Now I have to get a new (second hand) saddle for Mag’s , something I haven’t budgeted for.

Can’t help feeling that Fate is conspiring to keep me out of the saddle at the moment.

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