Introducing Leonie

Last Monday, a week ago today, Hal and I began our search for a quiet, reliable happy hacker. Somewhat shockingly we ended our hunt too!!

We went to try a 5 y.o. Irish Cob mare who was being advertised as suitable for a novice. Hal fell instantly head over heels in love and bought her there and then! No going away to think, no second viewing, no vet check. Just bought and paid for as soon as we got home..

Her name is Leonie, (honestly!) and she really does seem like a little sweetheart . We bought her Fromm a dealer who imported her from Ireland . She”‘s only been over here a couple of months, so it’s all a bit confusing for her right now.

Leonie arrived here yesterday morning. She walked off the lorry as cool as you like and seems to be settling in well. Magnum and Sapphire seem to be reasonably calm about the situation , lathe watching the inter horse politics is’s all going very well so far๐Ÿ˜Ž

Guess Who’s Back … Back Again…?

So Hal got a call on Monday morning from our ground worker, Pat May. Pat said that he hoped to be with us later in the week. True to his word, a text late on Tuesday told us he was coming the next day. He has not come alone this time though. He has a chap called Johnny with him. There are also a whole army of men dealing with the concrete.

As of the end of play on Friday, we have a hard core drive, hard core turning circle, and a good portion of the stable floor laid. Hopefully today the rest of the concrete can be done. Then it’s just putting the engineering blocks down and Pat’s work here is done!๐Ÿ˜‚

My poor horses are being a little bit neglected while all this going on though. They are in the bottom field for the duration, and I can’t get down there by myself. Normally when they are down there Hal rigs up a guideline that takes me to the gate, but that’s not possible with them working in the top field. Also, there’s all kinds of machinery and equipment strewn about the place. It’s a death trap out there!

Magnum is doing well. Of c, he doesn’t know how I’ll he is. He was galloping around the field like a 3 year old on Tuesday. The old fraud will outlive the lot of us๐Ÿ˜‰

Magnum’s state of health has focussed the mind somewhat, and we are now looking for a new horse. Wish us luck!sd

The Heart of the Problem

Oh dear. Remember in my last post I said I had some concerns about Magnum? He was being uncharacteristic ally anti about having his girth done up. Well it turns out there might be a reason.

Had the vet out today for some routine maintenance . Jabs for Sapphire, Dental for Sapphire. All good. I asked the Vet for honest, unbiased opinion on if I should be trying to ride Sapphire. Her reply, “Give it a go and see what happens”. Then I told her about Magnum. A thorough examination followed. His heart beat is irregular and unpredictable. He has heart disease. The Vet couldn’t make it clearer. He could go into heart failure very gradually, or his heart could just stop and down he would go.

Magnum is now retired with immediate effect

We’ve Done it!

Today marks 1 year since Magnum and Sapphire Joined us here in Shebbear. That’s a whole year that Hal and I have been looking after them ourselves, and we are all still alive!it hasn’t all been all been plain sailing, not helped by the loss of money to the crook John Grifffiths, and the delay in getting the stables built. We are still using the garage. However, there haven’t been any disasters. It has been a steep learning curve at times, but we do appear to have 2 healthy and happy horses , so we must be doing something right๐Ÿ˜Ž

Ups and Downs

It has been a bit of a frustrating time of late where our equine ambitions are concerned.

Both horses have been seen by a back lady. Unsurprisingly Magnum needed some work. Sapphire didn’t though. Magnum has also had a new (well new to us) fitted. It seems however, that Mag’s preferred his old broken saddle! He has become very resentful of having his girth tightened, especially with me on board. He shoots backwards! I am at a loss. He’s obviously in pain, but where?

My plan to start riding Sapphire again is moving on, and I have actually sat on her! However I was forced to hop straight of because her saddle slipped! She’s such a little barrel at the moment!

Poor Hal experienced his 2nd ever fall a few weeks ago, just to make things even more challenging. He’s coming along brilliantly, and his confidence is, was, growing with every lesson,. So what happened? He lost his balance trotting too fast round the corner of the school. It wasn’t a bad fall, but it set off his sciatica ! He is back in the saddle now though. Thankfully.