So Hal got a call on Monday morning from our ground worker, Pat May. Pat said that he hoped to be with us later in the week. True to his word, a text late on Tuesday told us he was coming the next day. He has not come alone this time though. He has a chap called Johnny with him. There are also a whole army of men dealing with the concrete.

As of the end of play on Friday, we have a hard core drive, hard core turning circle, and a good portion of the stable floor laid. Hopefully today the rest of the concrete can be done. Then it’s just putting the engineering blocks down and Pat’s work here is done!😂

My poor horses are being a little bit neglected while all this going on though. They are in the bottom field for the duration, and I can’t get down there by myself. Normally when they are down there Hal rigs up a guideline that takes me to the gate, but that’s not possible with them working in the top field. Also, there’s all kinds of machinery and equipment strewn about the place. It’s a death trap out there!

Magnum is doing well. Of c, he doesn’t know how I’ll he is. He was galloping around the field like a 3 year old on Tuesday. The old fraud will outlive the lot of us😉

Magnum’s state of health has focussed the mind somewhat, and we are now looking for a new horse. Wish us luck!sd