Last Monday, a week ago today, Hal and I began our search for a quiet, reliable happy hacker. Somewhat shockingly we ended our hunt too!!

We went to try a 5 y.o. Irish Cob mare who was being advertised as suitable for a novice. Hal fell instantly head over heels in love and bought her there and then! No going away to think, no second viewing, no vet check. Just bought and paid for as soon as we got home..

Her name is Leonie, (honestly!) and she really does seem like a little sweetheart . We bought her Fromm a dealer who imported her from Ireland . She”‘s only been over here a couple of months, so it’s all a bit confusing for her right now.

Leonie arrived here yesterday morning. She walked off the lorry as cool as you like and seems to be settling in well. Magnum and Sapphire seem to be reasonably calm about the situation , lathe watching the inter horse politics is’s all going very well so faršŸ˜Ž