Everybody Loves Leo – well except Sapphire that is

Leonie is settling in extremely well. She’s a very friendly horse who seems to genuinely enjoy human company. She also gets on with Magnum and Sapphire, or at least she’d like to. Unfortunately Sapphire has a different idea. Madam has got her grumpy, sulky, pants on, and is being a nasty old baggage where Leo is concerned. Mind you, I do have a certain sympathy, I’d be more than a little upset if Hal was fawning over another, younger woman the way Magnum is Fawning over Leonie!😉 in fact it’s a wonder that Leo hasn’t made a formal complaint about sexual harassment . My elderly, arthritic gelding who has Navicular Disease and a dodgy heart, has been behaving like a right dirty old man. When he does depart this mortal coil, he will go with a twinkle in his eye.

Leonie is proving to be a hit with all the humans she meets , and already has quite a fan base around the village.

We had relatives staying with us last week, and our 22 year old niece wanted to try riding. Hannah used to have lessons when she was little, but it’s been about 12 years . After a couple of days she and Leo were trotting! Hannah is now talking about having lessons again!

The other news is that the dealer we got Leonie from has given us some money back because of her eye. So there are some decent folk out there still.


Our new girl, Leonie , is turning out to be a real little sweetie. Things have gone so well introducing her to Magnum and Sapphire that since Monday they have all been turned out together, and there haven’t been any squabbles yet. On the whole she is proving very easy to handle., and rather endearingly follows you around the field. She is a bit ignorant about picking her feet up, but this improving. It’s obvious that Leo isn’t used to the luxuries in life, she was completely bewildered when we put a fly rug on her. She has also never had her teeth done before. They were very sharp and her mouth full of ulcers as a result poor girl. She’s no drama queen though, and doesn’t appear to have a nnasty bone in her body.

There is however a problem, and it’s a big one!

A couple of days after she arrived, Hal was sorting something out in the field , and Leonie was following him around, when he thought he noticed a cloudiness in one of her eyes. When our vet came to do her teeth and jabs (another first time experience for her) he confirmed that there is indeed a problem with her left eye. David, (the vet) was wonderful, counselling us not to make any snap descisions , and suggesting we get a vet who is an eye specialist to look at her.

So yesterday Mark, the eye vet , did a full examination. His verdict…
Leonie’s right eye is perfect
Leonie is totally blind in her left eye
Leoonie’s left eye has, at some time in the past, been seriously damaged by some kind of trauma
The iris has been pushed back and the lens has ruptured!
There is no inflammation ,infection or glaucoma in the eye
Most importantly Leonie is not in any pain

Mark has suggested 2 potential courses of action.
To get the eye removed, thus avoiding any potential future problems with eye pressure and glaucoma
To get her eye pressure checked regularly and only remove the eye if a problem develops

We don’t have to decide yet

If we had had Leonie vetted we would not have bought her. She would not have passed. Did the dealer know? Probably not, but we’ll never know. One thing is definite though, Leonie is going nowhere. Hal is totally in love. Me too. From here on she gets looked after properly. The vets tell us that a horse with 1 eye is safer than a horse with 1 and a Vit eyes, and Leonie certainly seems to be calm and not at all spooky . There are plenty of successful 1 eyed horses out there.

The fact that I have now ridden her twice now gives me the willies now I know we only have 1 functioning eye between us. Perhaps I better not ride her again. Well not often, she is Hal’s horse afterall