Goodbye Beloved Old Friend

Why is the kindest thing also the hardest thing?

On Friday 12th February , my beautiful, big, white, horse, Magnum took his final journey. He was put to sleep at home with Hal and I by his side and his girls in close attendance. . It was a rare Spring like day too.

Although Magnum was very old, nobody really knows how old, and we have known since August that his heart was bad, it was still the hardest decision I’ve had to make. However, in his last week it became obvious that he was finding life more difficult than enjoyable, so it was time.

At 16.3hh, and although said to be an Irish Draught cross, was more like a pure bred, Magnum was a very big horse. However, he was a big softy, with the kindest, gentlest nature and the patience of a saint.

I loved him totally, and miss him dreadfully.

There a very big horse shaped hole in my soul

Magnum RIP