What a Difference a Year Makes

Can’t believe that it’s 2 years ago today that Magnum and Sapphire joined us here in Shebbear! Looking back, what a roller coaster the last 12 months have been!

This time last year we had 2 horses, Magnum and Sapphire.

The ground work had started, but we still didn’t have stables. We were still using the garage.

Over the last year
We bought Leonie
Took part in a clinical research trial, which meant
I had 4 lots of eye surgery, and
Innumerable trips to Oxford.
Had stables built
Bought Florence
Lost Magnum
Been filmed for, and appeared on TV.
Had the top field reseeded

Actually it’s been a bit full on! No wonder we’re both so wiped out!

So here’s hoping forward to the next 12 months