Confused 😕

Is it me? I’m getting very confused by some of the terminology used by other people these days. Especially when it comes to the way they describe horses.
For example, what exactly is a maxi cob? Perhaps I am old fashion, or maybe just ill informed, but I have always been led to believe that The term “Cob” refers to a particular type of horse. You know that deep girthed’ short legged, big bummed, slightly hairy, equine equivalent of a Land Rover, who can turn his hoof to anything. My equine education lead me to believe that, even when thinking very big thoughts, a cob is only 15.1hh at the very tallest. Any bigger and it’s just a heavy set horse.. In fact I hadn’t heard the term “Maxi Cob” until about 18 months ago, when I started seeing horses being described that way in adverts.

Actually, it’s usually adverts that confuse me the most. . Mind you, it doesn’t take much. For example, I recently read an ad by somebody who was looking to buy a horse. They wanted what described as a sturdy horse, and went on to list cob, larger native, Draught breed. As a heavier person I understand completely! However, at the end of the list they put the words “or Palamino”. Erm – isn’t Palamino a colour? I’ve known many palominos over the years. In fact I had a lovely palomino cob called Bella on loan for about 10 years when I was younger, and Goldie the horse who I have my lessons on at the moment it’s also a palomino. However just because Bella was a steady cob and Goldie is 16 HH, doesn’t mean that every palomino is going to be a steady weight carrier. There are plenty of palomino part bred arabs out there.

Another confusing advert that I have recently come across was for a registered Appaloosa Dartmoor Hill Pony. It can’t be both and Appaloosa and a Dartmoor hill pony can it? The Appaloosa is a specific breed. Native to North America and with tactile black or brown spots in its coat on the part or all of its body. They are a lighter to middleweight riding horse that can be anything from 14 hands up woods. Whereas the Dartmoor Hill Pony is the small mongrel of a pony that lives Ferrell on Dartmoor. They usually stand no more than 12 hands high, and although they can be any colour, they are rarely spotted. I would love to know what the pony being advertised actually was, but I expect it was a pretty little thing. I did find the advertisement confusing though

Another slightly confusing subject, and something that I was recently asked by the little boy next door, is where the boundary lies between a horse and a pony. My understanding is that a pony is up to 14 2HH, but most descriptions of horses seem to state that horse is over 15 HH. So what are you if you happened to be 14 3HH? Answers on a postcard please.😉