Ring Out Those Solstace Bells

Anyone living with Retinitis Pygmentosa, or any similar condition, holds a vary special place in their heart for the Wintdr Solstace. This is because one of the earliest, and most challenging itng, symptoms of RP is Night Blindness. These days it makes absolutely no difference to me. However, I well remember the stress, hard work, and bruises of Night Blind Winters. In fact it was a journey home from work, a re-routed bus, and the lack of a Long Cane that finally made me apply for a Guide Dog all those years ago.

Nowadays it makes very little difference to me if it’s day or night. It does to Hal though, , and, I’m sure it does to the horses too.

Looking after four hairy mud monster in the dead of winter is hard work – no matter how much we love them. From here on the days get longer, which means the horses can stay out longer and longer, until that glorious day when they can stay out overnight.

In so many ways, and for so many people, 2016 has been a difficult and challenging year. We all deserve a little peace, joy and R&R. So to all our followers of all faiths and none, we hope the coming festivities bring you all you desire.

Thank you for following us. Merry Christmas