3 years!

I’m a bit late writing this. I’m struggling a bit at the moment. I have absolutely no idea why. Anyway…

Last Tuesday, 30th May, was the 3rd anniversary of us coming here!

3 years!

So where did that go then? In many ways it feels like the last 3 years have flown by. In a strange, and very good way though, it feels like we’ve always been here. .

So, I’m reflection would I change anything? Well yes. A couple of extra acres wouldn’t go amiss. I’ve blogged before about how we horse owners are never happy with the amount of grass we have. . We never actually meant to have 4 horses though, so really only have enough room for 3. We wouldn’t be without any of them though.

Another thing I’d do something about if I had a magic wand is the lack of off-road riding around here. There are a couple of bridlepaths, but you need to do a lot of road work to get to them, and then they just link 1 road to another. We’re lucky, our 2 rideable horses are both rock solid in traffic. Sadly though, it seems that many drivers haven’t got a clue how to drive around horses. It would be a real benefit them, if there was somewhere a bit closer where we could get off the road.

My magic wand could also sort out Hal’s back for him. He’s in a lot of pain, and it’s getting him down.

Would I want to be anywhere else? Absolutely not! This is a lovely village full of good people. I love it here. This is home.

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