Day 9 – Three Little Hooks

Historically one of the biggest problems that I have had when it comes to looking after horses myself, is filling hay nets. The whole painful process was outlined in my earlier post from about three years ago which was simply in titled”Haynets!!!😱”. I won’t go into the full gory details of exactly how difficult are used to find the process. However. My ingenious husband has come up with a very simple and extremely successful solution to the problem, and I think it’s something that will help everybody, especially if they end up having to fill nets on dark mornings or evenings.

Quite simply he has put 3 small metal hooks in the corner of the Haybarn, atabout chest height, with one actually in the corner and the other two on each wall so they make a triangle. Along the inside of the barn door he has placed a row of smaller hooks, atabout the height that you would hang a coat. . Nets a hung up by the drawstrings on the hook on the door.then, when nets need to be filled, they arranged on the three little hooks so that they all held open, and hay can simply be fed into them. Couldn’t be easier😊

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