Day 16 – What Did I do With the…?

It’s a basic fact of life. The thing you are looking for is always at the bottom of the grooming kit. For me that thing is usually the hoof pick. I have lots of hoof picks, so why can I never find one when I want one? Over the years I’ve wasted many hours scrabbling around in grooming kits looking for hoof pics. Actually, when are used to keep my horses on livery, especially when that livery was at a riding school, I spent an awful lot of my time looking for allsorts of things,. Usually these things unexpectedly developed a Wonderlust and strolled off into another persons grooming kit or equipment box. However, now it’s just me, Hal and Ben, , and it’s amazing how things have developed the ability to stay where I left them. Except for hoof picks that is. You know that mysterious place where teaspoons and the odd socks go, never to be seen again? Believe me, it’s full of hoof picks too!

Well not anymore! I’ve got them nailed down – well to be perfectly honest, i’ve actually got them hung up. Outside each of my stable doors, at a height that is out of harms way for all but the tallest horse, but still reachable by short arse like me, I have a hook on which I hang the head collar for that particular horse. Next to this hook is a smaller hook, on which is hung a hoof pick. So, although there is a hoof pick in all my grooming kits, I know that there will always be a hoof pick outside the stable door. Works a treat

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