Day 22 – Motivation

Today’s Blogtober Challenge prompt is motivation. What motivates me? Hmm , that’s a tricky one. I have absolutely no idea what originally motivated my Love of horses. I am not from a horsey background, and whilst my dad did used to handle farm horses, back during the war when he was in his teens, my mum was always absolutely terrified of them. It must be somewhere in my DNA though, as there is something in the equine soul that reaches into the very deepest depths of mine.

It’s all about the Horse for me. Yes I enjoy riding, and I do enjoy Learning and having lessons. I do occasionally take part in very low level competition, showing and dressage mostly. To be perfectly honest though, I find it all a little bit stressful.

What really motivates me is to build a great relationship with my horses, and to give them the best life possible. Without wishing to sound big headed, I get a massibve buzz when a professional visiting my yardd for what ever reason, comment favourably about my horses behaviour, attitude, condition, or management. My biggest motivation though, is when they wicker or call to me , just because I’ve walked through the top gate, and proactively come to greet me as I approach the paddock. I must be doing something right.

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