Day 24 – What a Day!

It’s been one of those days. Nothing has gone exactly as it should. Well, to be honest, it’s been two of those days. Yesterday wasn’t much better. . My Dad is staying with us for a few days. So yesterday we all piled into the car to take the dogsfor a run on the beach, and… nothing! The car battery was completely dead.

Today, despite having nothing In my appointment Callemder, I was absolutely convinced that I had a client, at 10:30. I also have the vet coming to the horses between one and two this afternoon. So having dispatched Dad and Hal to sort the car out, and set my treatment room up, I sat and waited – and waited… no client! For this particular person, not showing up without telling me beforehand is out of the question. She is very reliable. Worried in case something bad happened, I rang her. Turns out she wasn’t booked in with me at all – sigh.

By 5 to 2 this afternoon, when the vet hasn’t yet turned up, I was really beginning to doubt myself. When she drove in at exactly 2 o’clock I could have kissed her! I will post later about her reason for coming, but rest of shored it’s nothing serious..

Over a late lunch, I checked through social media. Noticing that hat some comments on yesterday’s post. I went to approve one of them, but accidentally hit the wrong button. It disappeared off the face of the Earth. Sorry Ruby Pepper Butchers.

So then we went off to the beach again. Guess what? The tide was in – no beach!

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