Day 26 – advice to New Owners

Today’s blogtober challenge topic is about what advice you would give to new owner. I’m always worried that I get a little bit preachy when I do things like this, but here goes.

Even before you become an owner, and if you only take notice of one thing I ever write, please let it be this. nEVER Buy a horse with out having it vetted first. If you want to know why not, I invite you to read back through my blog posts over the last 2 to years, and hear Leonie’s story. She is the only horse that I have bought without a prepurchase vet check.

. Our hearts will never be completely mended.

Next. Be mindful of the fact that being bought and sold is extremely traumatic for a horse. They do not have human understanding of what is happening to them, and will go into survival mode on arriving at A new home. This means that, whilst a horse maygenuinely be advertised as being one thing, it may well appear to be a very different creature on arrival as it’s new home. It takes time for a horse to settle into a new home, routine, and environment. As a result he can take a long time for relationship between a new course and its new owner to develop.

Finally remember it’s supposed to be fun. Don’t be bullied into doing things that you are not comfortable doing. This is your horse, your money is being spent, and it is your dream that is hopefully being fulfilled. As long as you are looking after your horse properly, and treating him fairly, it’s nobody else’s business how often you ride, how high youjump, what make of jodhpurs you wear.

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