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It’s amazing to think that there only two days left of theBlogtober Challenge. When I started this I didn’t keep it up, but although I’ve been a little bit late with one or two posts, 29 days in I have n’t missed one yet. Today’s prompt is to talk about discipline that you would quite like to try. Hmm, that’s interesting. There are two things I have never done, that I’ve always really fancied having a go at. One is side saddle, and the other is western riding. Yeh, I know, hardly similar.. I actually know somebody who rides side saddle, not only does she show, but she also occasionally hunts side saddle! I think the western riding thing comes from my childhood, watching Cowboy and Indian films, as well as champion the wonder horse. It always looks so effortless to me, i’d love to be able to ride like that.