Day 31 – we Did It!

So, it’s 31st October, Halloween, and the final day of th Blogtober Challenge. I’m feeling just a bit chuffed with myself, as I’ve actually done it. OK, so some of my posts were late, but I’ve written a post every day. .

I have absolute respect for anyone who writes a daily blog as a matter of course. Not only did I sometimes find it difficult to think about what to write but I’ve quite often found it difficult to find the time. I use my blog as a way of journalling our adventures, and misadventures, looking after horses and land ourselves. Therefore I only really write something when I have something to say, or feel the need to get something off my chest.

I found some great new blogs to follow during Blogtober, and I’ve been touched by the number of people who have followed me, and all the support I’ve been given. Thank you.

As we are approaching my least favourite time of the year, firework season ,my girls have been turned out inn the bottom field today, and there they will stay for the duration. We are blessed with not having very many fireworks in this area, thanks massively to having to keep the devil under control, but you just never know. I will Bottenfield is the furthest point we can get them from civilisation. So here is hoping for a peaceful few weeks. In the meantime I am enjoying filling the village children up with sugar. After all, it’s not me who has to try and get them to bed tonight is it.

Happy Halloween everybody, from all of us here poo picking in the dark.

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