This post gives tome background as to why I started writing a blog The Story So Far\\\\

As long as I can remember I have been 100% horse mad, some might say horse sad. There was never a Eureeka moment when I suddenly looked at a horse and thought’Wow!’, it was just always there, like a seed had been sewn in my soul before I was born. Strange really, because I don’t come from a horsey background at all. I love all other animals as well (although I freely admit to being terrified of geese, and a little bit spooked by the uncannily human hands that monkeys have), but with horses it’s different! I just can’t get enough of them. I don’t actually have to ride very often to be happy, but I do need to be able to touch them, smell them, interact with them. They feed my soul and they ground me. Remove me from horses for more than, say, 3 weeks, and I am a very unhappy, and very unsettled human being.

I was also born with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). A genetic condition that makes people slowly go blind.

The problem is, that in many peoples minds, these two things do not go together. You can be horsey, or you can be blind. You cannot, under any circumstances be both.

I beg to differ!

As soon as I could talk, I talked about horses. AS soon as I could walk, I trotted and cantered around on my invisible pony. My bike was a horse. If a toy wasn’t a toy horse I wasn’t really interested (unless it was a dog). The little girl next door was also horse mad which helped.

After much nagging (pardon the pun) I was finally allowed to have riding lessons when I was nine. I didn’t get my first horse until I got my first job at twenty-one though.

I’ve had several different horses over the years. Because of working full time, and needing a little more support with horse care because of my deteriorating eyesight I have always kept them on livery. However, in May this year that changed. My husband and I bought a bungalow with four and a half acres of land on which to keep our horses.

Poo Picking in the Dark is the story of our new adventure. Looking after the horses and the land on our own terms for the first time.

Wish us luck

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