All bedded Down and Back in the Saddle

Stable matting has got to be some of the heaviest, and most difficult to handle, stuff on Earth! Since my last post Hal has singlehandedly matted out the stables. This involved moving the existing matting out of the garage, power washing it, and then moving it down to the new yard. Thankfully we bought an old wooden trailer from some friends a while back, but even lifting the mats onto it nearly crippled us! We also had to buy extra matting, 18 of them! Kindly though, the delivery men took it down to the yard. So Hal has spent a lot of the last week on his hands and knees cutting and fitting matting.

Job done!

As of yesterday all the matting is down, and the beds are laid. Our stables are open to residents.

Mind you, getting the bedding delivered wasn’t without it’s hazards. It arrived on an enormous wagon, just one man. The Lordy didn’t fit down the road, so I asked if he could leave the pallet of bedding on the drive to the field. However the pallet fell of his pallettrolly , narrowly missing him, and trapping the trolly underneath it. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt, and , together with our lovely neighbour Lynne, moved all 65 sacks off the pallet so he could get his trolly back. The next day Hal and I shifted it all down to the barn in the wheelbarrows. Only 3 bags had split. It could have been so much worse, especially as the entire pallet full weighs 1 tonne!

The other good news is that I am back in the saddle. Yesterday I actually rode Sappphire! First time for years! We didn’t go very far, and she felt like she was about to explode at the slightest provocation , but she didn’t ! Nothing bad happened, so it was a very positive experience all round.

Onwards and upwards!!

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