And Then There Were Four

Last Winter, from 15th November – 12th February, we had 4 horses. . Last winter it did’ stop raining and the fields turned into lethal quagmires. Last winter I had to keep going to Oxford, and had several operations. Last winter Florence had to live in the tack room. Last winter nearly killed us!

We knew that having 4 horses was going to be a temporary thing. Magnum was soon going to be making his final journey. Once he was gone, well, 3 horses, 3 stables, onwards and upwards. There would be no need for us to ever have 4 horses again, would there?

Would there?

Introducing Breeze. She’s a 14.2hh, 18y.o., black, cob, who we got from a riding stables that’s closing down. She arrived on Wednesday evening, and so far, so good.

We weren’t actually looking for another horse. Well not officially anyway. However we are having increasing problems with Leone, more about that in a later post, so we were contemplating trying to find a horse on loan for Hal to ride well we tried to sort Leone out. However, Amy saw Breeze whilst looking at a horse for somebody else, and the rest is history.

I feel a long hard and extremely challenging winter coming on. Hope we make it through😰😉

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