Back on Top

So , Florence arrived here on 15th November, and up until about roughly 3 weeks ago it’s been wall to wall monsoon/hurricane ever since! Couple this with several trips to the John Radcliff , and she hasn’t done a stroke of work since arriving . Until last week that is.

You know what it’s like though. The longer you put off doing something , the bigger, more difficult, and, downright more scarey, it becomes . So after not sitting on her since trying her at the beginning of November, the thought of actually riding Florence had grown into a dirty great ferocious mind monster. Instead of a slightly opinionated , but unflappable cob mare, my mind had transformed Flo into a wild, unbroken stallion!

I needn’t have worried. Last week I braved myself up and got on board. Prepared to bale out at the slightest provocation , I ended up going all the way round the block! Further than I’ve ridden in yonks! She didn’t put a foot wrong ! We’ve been out again since.

Hal’s got back on Leonie too. Like Flo, Leo hasn’t done anything all winter, and, like Flo, she’s been a very good girl.

Here’s to a long years riding ahead.

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