Aha! The first mention of Ben – Community Horse

Florence has spent a busy August proving that she really is anyone’s ride.
Throughout the month, as well as me, she has looked after a nervous, and not very flexible Hal. My niece, who had lessons when she was little, and only returned to the saddle last year, hacked her out, and also cantered her in our school (fenced off corner of the field)! Niece is a capable rider, but is used to having lessons in a school with a strict instructor. I think she enjoyed being able to do what she fancied, and discovering that a non–riding school horse will do what she asks. I think Florence enjoyed picking up the pace too.

For her next trick Flo gave our 9 year old next door neighbour, and keen volunteer stable hand, his first experience of sitting in the saddle. She didn’t put a foot wrong. At the other end of the scale was our somewhat mature, and highly experienced, next field neighbour. She has ride and Drive Shetlands, and is missing riding, so Florence took her out and they are now firm friends.

Florence really is anyone’s ride. It just goes to show that, while not everything is black & white, all the best things are.

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