Digger Man Pat Returns

Om the day I had my cataract op we arrived home to a message from Pat May, the man who’s doing th ground work for our stables. He wanted to if he could come and dig out the footprint for the yard area.

Well of course he could!

He was a bit worried about how he was going to get his digger in. He was using a bigger one than the one he used to do the field access through the Valley of Death. So wanted to check it was possible to bring it across the adjoining fields. Well no wonder he needed to check. When it rumbled into our field it turned out to be an enormous bugger with caterpillar tracks and everything ! Hal was beside himself with Tonker Toy feuled glee! I t took one man, and one massive machine, one day to dig out and level a 20m x 6m area that forms the footprint for where the stable block and yard in front Will be. Pat wants to let this settle for a while before laying the concrete, so we still have a long way to go. It’s getting closer though😎

One thought on “Digger Man Pat Returns

  1. Some builders are like artists, whether plasterers or digger men; they use their “brushes” to create, from a blank canvass, using an invisible skill, a masterpiece which will live longer than themselves.

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