‘Ere Mr! Are You Really Mowing That Field?

So there we were, Hal working on the trench for the water and electricity for the stables, me filling hay nets. The mares turned out , in a boggy travesty of a paddock, routing around for any scraps of grass they could glean. When I realised that the background noise that my subconscious was filtering out wasn’t actually one of the neighbours mowing their lawn.

Earlier in the day, Hal and I ventured down to the bottom field, hoping we could turn the girls out down there. Frustratingly we foun it totally waterlogged. Our top field , which is split into two paddocks, is such a boggy mess that a couple of recent visitors to the house have ask in puzzlement why we’ve ploughed it! I despair of any grass ever growing on it again. This time last year, Magnum and Sapphire had already been turned out 24 seven for nearly a month. This year the girls are still coming in at night.

So imagine the grass green eyed monster that awoke in my soul when I realised that it was our new next field neighbours I could hear mowing their field. They don’t actually live next door house to us, but they have just bought a bungalow a little further down towards the village. Like us, their bungalow comes with land. Nothing has lived in their field for as long as we have lived in our place. So it’s extremely lush and green. Not ideal for that gorgeous little Shetland Ponies. Extremely galling to listen to though, for somebody who despairs of ever being able to turn their horses out full time ever again.

This was brought home to me again earlier today. Face Book did one of those memory things on my timeline. When I asked Hal what the photo was, it turned out to beSapphire grazing on the back lawn. Apparently it was a year ago thatMagnum had Cellulitis , and had to be on box rest. Because Sapphire wouldn’t be turned out on her own, we kept her in with him. However she soon became bored, so I turned her out on the back lawn for a couple of hours each day. This is when the stables were in the garage, so they could still see each other when she was on the lawn. If I put her on the lawn today she would probably drown.

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