Everybody Loves Leo – well except Sapphire that is

Leonie is settling in extremely well. She’s a very friendly horse who seems to genuinely enjoy human company. She also gets on with Magnum and Sapphire, or at least she’d like to. Unfortunately Sapphire has a different idea. Madam has got her grumpy, sulky, pants on, and is being a nasty old baggage where Leo is concerned. Mind you, I do have a certain sympathy, I’d be more than a little upset if Hal was fawning over another, younger woman the way Magnum is Fawning over Leonie!😉 in fact it’s a wonder that Leo hasn’t made a formal complaint about sexual harassment . My elderly, arthritic gelding who has Navicular Disease and a dodgy heart, has been behaving like a right dirty old man. When he does depart this mortal coil, he will go with a twinkle in his eye.

Leonie is proving to be a hit with all the humans she meets , and already has quite a fan base around the village.

We had relatives staying with us last week, and our 22 year old niece wanted to try riding. Hannah used to have lessons when she was little, but it’s been about 12 years . After a couple of days she and Leo were trotting! Hannah is now talking about having lessons again!

The other news is that the dealer we got Leonie from has given us some money back because of her eye. So there are some decent folk out there still.

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