And the rest, as they say, is history… – Feeling Inspired

My relationship with Florence is really beginning to blossom! She really is a lovely horse. . I love the way she talks to me. I get called to in the morning when I first step out of the back door, and she wickers away to me while I’m doing stuff. The noises she makes when there’s food on the go are amazing.. She’s no push over though. Leave her an inch and she’s not above walking back out of her stable, or out of the paddock in search of greener grass. She always does it with a smile and a wink though.

It’s riding her though that’s really got me going. . She exudes confidence , and I’m finding it infectious ! My imagination has gone into overdrive , and I’m beginning to wonder just what we might be able to achieve together .

I haven’t had a riding lesson for at least 5 years. Well not since I bought Magnum to be honest. However, I’m so inspired by Florence, that today that came to an end. Oh my word have I got some bad habits !
I didn’t disgrace myself, but there’s ample room for improvement.
My lesson wasn’t on Florence,but on one of horses at Kingsland Stables, where Hal has lessons. Having a lesson on a strange horse , in a school I’ve never ridden in before, is a little nerve wracking . Spare a thought for Melissa though. I’ve ridden a horse before, she’s never taught someone who is blind before.

I intend to progress onto having lesson Florence. Some things need to beput in place first. We’ve started by taping a 20 X 40 patch of field to use as a school. At the moment there are a lot of brambles at the C end, and last years muck heap between K and E, but it’s a start. I also need to find, or create some system of audible dressage Marcers. Having absolutely no useful vision any more means that I could get lost in a Square cardboard box, so orienting myself around a Minaj is proving quite difficult. Also, without having anything to aim at, riding a straight line just is not going to happen. If I can get these things sorted out though, and my relationship with Florence continues to develop as it is at the moment, Who knows what we might be able to achieve? It might be blue sky thinking, or just pie in the sky, but perhaps we may be able to do some very low level on affiliated dressage in the future.

Feeling invigorated and enthused. My inspiration and motivation? My horse.

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