Frozen’s properly cold out there. What a contrast to last week! When Storm Angus hit we had so much rain that parts of the field, most noticeably the gateway to the paddock we call Annabelles Bottom. Dangerously boggy. You could hear the water bubbling! Unfortunately the awesome foursome had been turned out in Annabelles Bottom before the waters rose. Hal got the three bigger cobs out without incident . Not so for Sapphire and me. We’d cleared the running water, and had just stepped up onto “dry’ land, when the ground went from under us! Cue more than a little spooked , breathless, blind woman, desperately clinging to an electric fence while trying to convince a snorting, panicking pony that she wasn’t on her way to the bowels of the Earth. Suffice it to say we won’t be using that particular paddock until things dry up again.

,So wind forward to this week, what a contrast! Cold, crisp, fresh, and, I’m my mind at least, sparkling like an accident in a glitter factory. I make no bones about it, I love this cold, frosty weather! It’s not without it’s challenges though. . Frozen taps, troughs, and hose pipes go with the territory. Breeze and Florence seem not to notice the icicles they have almost perminant lay got in their beards. However, I wasn’t prepared for the water that is actually inside the stables to freeze. It has for the last two nights! How cold has it been in the wee small hours?

I’d much rather have to break ice than cope with the wind, rain and mud we were battling with this time last winter. Here’s to a proper winter.

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