Here Comes Summer😎

Yes! We’ve done it! Hal and i have got through our first winter of looking after the horses all by ourselves, and more importantly so have Magnum and Sapphire.☺️
Last night they stayed out over I for the first time this year.

I have a huge sens of achievement right now. Both horses are happy and , on the whole, healthy. With the one exception of Hal’s damaged thumb, obody has been hurt or Ill and there haven’t been any disasters. Both Hal and I have learned things, and we have both grown in confidence. Also, our relationship with Magnum and Sapphire has never been so good.

It must be the same for most people who live with any form of disability, but I tend to find they people don’t really believe that I am capable of doing the basic things in life. So looking after horses… Worse than this, people always seem to take great pains to explain exact why I might not be able to do something , and what the consequences of me trying might be. The trouble is that someone is constantly told that they are incapable , even when they are as self-willed and bloody minded as me, they will begin to believe it. Therefore self-confidence is a huge problem for me. So I came into the winter believing that I wouldn’t really be able to cope. I’ve come out of it with two happy healthy horses knowing that I can.😄

Hal has also grown in confidence, and his ability and willingness to be hands on with the horses has grown beyond recognition . For example he used to be reluctant to pick up the horses feet, now he does it as a matter of course.

Yes it’s been hard work, and yes I’m still fa too slow at mucking out, but we didd it. I couldn’t be prouder!😎

One thought on “Here Comes Summer😎

  1. You are an amazing person, and an inspiration to me! I’ve tried really hard to be “useful” this winter, but I know I’ve got a long way to go! You are rightly proud of yourself; I am so proud of you, I’m fit to burst!


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