Here Comes Summer – Hopefully

After a lot of internal, and some not so internal, debate, the horses are finally out overnight . Over the last few years we’ve got them out in mid March, just before my birthday. This year though, even a month later, it wasn’t a straightforward decision to leave them out overnight . The torrential rain and howling winds have been relentless, and winter has seemed endless. Our top field, which is split into 2 paddocks, (we call them Annabelle’s and Carole’s, after the people who’s gardens back onto the top corners of each), has been totally trashed. I despair of any grass ever growing on it again. On Monday the girls went into our smaller, bottom field for the first time this year. Nobody’s been on it since the beginning of November. Even so, it’s hardly what you’d call verdant down there.

So now there out, I have a different set of challenges to find solutions to. The first being, how to find my way to the bottom field by myself. Say hello to the blind horse owner’s best friend – electric fencing. The flexibility of easily manoeuvred plastic posts and ribbon like tape, which can be put almost anywhere, makes the best guide rails ever – so long as nobody connects it to a power source.

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