I Have a Cunning Plan…

I’ve owned Sapphire for 10 years come September . This that she will become the horse I have owned the longest some time next year. It hasn’t always been an easy relationship. She was bought as a quiet hack that I could potentially do some basic dressage with. She turned to be anything but! She is very sweet, and although a bit bossy to other horses, doesn’t have a nasty bone in her body. However, I don’t know what happened to her before I got her, but she is extremely nervous and mistrustful. She is also extremely physically sensitive. She is frightened of push bikes and motorbikes, and used to either spin if she met one from in front, or canter off, slowly not a headlong bolt, if one came from behind. Believe me, spinning is really disorienting when you can’t see! Over the I’ve tried to sell her several times, and she’s been on loan twice, but she kept coming back. Usually with something wrong with her.

She is a pretty thing, well put together, and she moves beautifully. When she was younger she had a successful in-hand showing career, and qualified for Royal Cornwall Show. However, she began to develop mast cell cittoma , and the resulting lumps ended her showing career. 2 years ago she developed a lump that interferes with the girth, so I stopped riding her. Since then she has been acting as as Magnum’s companion. A very valuable job.

Since we’ve been living here our relationship has never been better, and Sapphire has dramatically grown in confidemcee. So I have been musing about how, and if, it might be able to get back on board.. The offending lump cannot be removed as this could damage the underlying muscle. However, Ii have spoken to several professionals who think it might be possible to pad and protect the lump and put a girth on her.

If this works then Hal and I will be able to ride together.

Let’s give it a go!

One thought on “I Have a Cunning Plan…

  1. This is very exciting! Our dream has been to ride out together on our own horses from our own yard! But I haven’t worked out how we can mount! I need to help Nikki, and Nikki needs to help me! Any suggestions?


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