It was on a Thursday Lunchtime When the Vet Lady Came to Call

January is time for our horses to benefit from some routine maintenance . Magnum has his annual booster jab, and Sapphire traditionally has her annual dental. It also worked out that new girl Florence needed the second part of her jabs, so I arranged for her and Leonie to have a dental check up as well.
So on Thursday a, new to us, came to see them all . She was very thorough.
All went according to plan , until she got to Sapphire. While I am very aware that Sapphire is too fat, I do believe she is loosing weight. So I was horrified when the vet said she couldn’t hear Sapphire’s heart properly because she is so fat! Worryingly, the vet thinks Sapphire might have a heart murmur . Could this be down to the Maast cell problem? Sapphire’s excess weight raised it’s ugly head again when the vet had difficulty finding a vein in which to put sedative so she could safely do her teeth. There is too much fat around the vein it would seem. .
There was still more bad news when the vet finally looked in Sapphire’s mouth. Sapphire has lost a tooth, and the one next to it is very wobbly. I had no idea! Despite being the world’s biggest drama queen about everything else, Sapphire has never once led me to suspect that her mouth might be bothering her. The vet mentioned something called Equine Aurel Reabsorpative Leision. I’ve never heard of it, and can’t find much info out there. So nowSapphire has gone from being the least of my worries, to number 1 on my anxiety list .f

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