It’s Been a While, but Have I Got News for You!

Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted, but it’s been extremely busy round here throughout September.

Some of you may be aware that I am taking part in a clinical research trial of an electronic retinal implant. Well, I had surges at the beginning of September. It took 10 hours! Consequently I’ve been feeling quite ropey all month. I also wasn’t allowed to handle or ride the horses during this time either. I’d have been climbing the walls if I hadn’t been so fatigued. Thanks to Hal for taking over completely during this time, and to Amy for stepping in while we were both in Oxford. Anyway, this week Hal and I went back to Oxford , and on Monday the implant was switched on.

It works!

It won’t give me anything like 20 20 vision, and believe me, it’s hard work , but it works which has completely rocked my world.

As if this wasn’t enough good news to contend with, we’ve only got stables!

Yes you read that correctly! During the gap between surgery and switch on , Nick came and almost singlehandedly built them from scratch. They are beautiful !

We’ve had so many problems with planners and scammers, and it’s taken a whole year longer than we intended, but thanks to the combined effort of Pat May and Nick Rutty our horses have a much more comfortable and secure future. Hal will also soon get his garage and workshop back.

The horses are all fine, and are entering Autumn with very fat bellies . Magnum is still well and harassing his ladie. Long may that last. Leonie had her wolf teeth removed last week , is recovering well.i’m allowed to ride again now, so watch this space, Sapphire has got a shock coming to her .

Life is good😃

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