Masterson Method

Many of you will know that, when I am not messing around with horses, I am a professional masseuse and complementary therapist. I work with humans, not horses, and am always interested to find out about therapies that I haven’t come across before. I am also fascinated by the application of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to animals, especially horses. So, , last year, when I heard that there was going to a talk on something called “Masterson Method” at the riding club AGM, my ears really pricked up. Or, once I realised it was a form of equine bodywork, they did.

Actually, when I first heard the term “Masterson Method” I assumed it was some kind of training method. , there seem to be all sorts of people putting their names to a variety of ‘new’ ways of teaching horse and/or rider these days. Not that that’s a bad thing. So when we were waiting for the AGM to begin, Hal filled the time by reading the leaflet that had been left on our seats to me, and I became more and more fascinated.
The talk was given by a lady called Nicci Loram MMCP, and was really interesting. This was around the time when we were just beginning to wonder if there might be more to Leonies issues than ignorance and being a thug. I was just beginning to toy with the idea of getting a ‘back man’ in to give her a tweak. I came home in a very thoughtful mood that night. However, once the vet suggested that Leo might have nerve and/or soft tissue damage, I thought something more gentle, and whole body, might be better. So I gave Nicci a call.
Nicci has seen Leo several times now. It’s very obvious that Leo loves it! After her first treatment Leo was briefly seen to stand square! Unheard of! Generally Leo just isn’t capable of putting a leg at each corner. Leo will now make a real effort to pick her feet up now, rather than automatically saying “No! It’s too hard!”. It’s still very hard for her, but she’s willing to give it a go. . It was Nicci who first noticed that Leo’s pelvis might not be the right shape. Something that our imstructor Melissa also pointed out a few days later.

I am so impressed by how Leonie has reacted to Masterson Method, that back in January I had Niccci out to treat all four mares. Of course, we knew how Leo was going to react, but had no idea about the others. Sapphire was the one who had the least reaction. Maybe it’s because she’s the type of pony who takes time to think about and process things. Or maybe she had no need to react. . I was most worried about how Florence would react. Flo is a sensitive lady, and there are certain places that she really doesn’t like being touched. I didn’t want Nicci being bitten, or worse, kicked. I needn’t have worried, Florence loved it! She’s been noticeably less touchy since too. . The most remarkable response however, came from Breeze. Breeze is, or rather, was, extremely hollow backed, has an extremely high head carriage, is very nervous and nappy, and always seems to be on red alert. You could clearly feel , and see, a saddle shaped imprint from wearing a saddle that wasn’t wide enough for her. Immediately after her treatment it was obvious to all that Breezd had changed shape! Her back was much less hollow, her head has lowered, and she generally has a softer and more relaxed eemeanour. These changes have lasted, and in fact, last week Amy saw her for the first time in ages, and asked if Breeze had lost weight. In fact she’s gained weight, but her posture has improved so much since her treatment that she can engage her abdominal muscles, so doesn’t look so pot bellied.

They will definitely all be seeing Nicci again. I can’t recommend Masterson Method highly enough.

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