So, the family is different these days – Meet the Family

So before we really get started it might be helpful if I introduce the stars of the show
People wise there’s me, who you already vaguely know, and there’s Hal.
Hal is my long suffering husband. Although I have owned horses for much longer than I’ve owned him, it’s really only in the last 3 years or so that he’s taken to horses himself .. This might be because of his Asperger Symdrome, general anxiety disorder , obsessive personality disorder , and bouts of depression ; but it could also be down to not being able to beat me, so joining me instead. Anyway, whatever the reason, Hal has become very hands on, helpful, and is even learning to ride.
There are several cats. These include our own two naughty torties, Stella (fat cat) and Tabbitha (Li’l Tyke), and Toggle, the black and white cat who used to live in our house and thinks she still owns it.
Dogs are also important. Ripley is my retired guide dog, and Quincey, AKA Q, is my working guide dog. However, Zak and Poppy, the dogs who live on either side of us, are keen to voice their opinions too!
The real stars of the show are the horses though. Magnum is a 16.3hh grey gelding. He is reputed to be Irish Draught cross, but crossed with what nobody knows – it ain’t no Thoroughbred though! His age is an equally closely guarded secret. His passport gives his date of birth as 1st January 1995, the smart money says he’s older! Scheduled ancient monument or not, he’s the kindest horse in the world. I’ve owned him for approaching 4 years now and he is, quite simply , the centre of my universe! Magnum’s best friend and almost constant companion is Sapphire. Sapphire is a very pretty dark bay, 14hh, 14 year old Welsh Section D mare. I’ve owned Sapphire since she was 5, although she has been out on loan in the past. She used to do well in the show ring when she was younger, and even qualified for Royal Cornwall Show. Sadly though those days are over . Sapphire has Maast Cell Cytoma, a condition more normally seen in dogs, not horses. As a result she has several large lumps, the position of some prevent her wearing a saddle. She’s a quirky little lady who holds strong opinions, and with whom life is never dull, but like Magnum, she doesn’t have a nasty bone in her body.
So there we all are. I hope you enjoy hearing about our adventures 😎

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