No Foot, No Horse

As I’ve said before, Magnum is quite an elderly chap. Only he really knows how old he is, but officially he’s 20. He is also not very fit. The dreadful wet winter we had last winter ment he did virtually nothing between November and March. Then moving house ment he did nothing from May to July. Before we moved I had his back checked by a Physio. She said there was nothing wrong with his back, but that , although he wasn’t actually lame, he wasn’t quite right in his feet and I should talk to my vet. This was no big surprise as Mags trips a lot, especially on rough ground. My then vet, came and examined him and said that he thought the problem was probably arthritis based and age related. His words were “I could do a lot of expensive diagnostic tests and x-Rays, but we know this is an old horse, and I think we both probably know what’s going on here”. He recommended giving Mags a low dose of Bute, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, from then on, to keep him comfy. He gave a box of 100 Bute sachets to see us through moving. So once we were here and all settled I began the process of getting Mags fit, but although he was keen to be out and doing, the more we did, the more dodgey on his feet he felt! The last time I rode him he felt so wrong that I got off him and walked home! This corresponded with me needing some more Bute, which an examination from our new vet. The new vet wasn’t very happy with Mag’s feet, and suggested having X-rays done. So, another couple months have passed while I organised that. Yet more time off for Magmum
However, good news! We got the X-ray results, and there’s nothing sinister , so he needs some clever shoeing.

I’ve told Magnum to stop thinking about retirement. It’s OK for him to be ridden, so he and I are back at the beginning of our joint fitness programme. Wish us luck 😉going on. However, his feet are badly balanced,

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