The Heart of the Problem

Oh dear. Remember in my last post I said I had some concerns about Magnum? He was being uncharacteristic ally anti about having his girth done up. Well it turns out there might be a reason.

Had the vet out today for some routine maintenance . Jabs for Sapphire, Dental for Sapphire. All good. I asked the Vet for honest, unbiased opinion on if I should be trying to ride Sapphire. Her reply, “Give it a go and see what happens”. Then I told her about Magnum. A thorough examination followed. His heart beat is irregular and unpredictable. He has heart disease. The Vet couldn’t make it clearer. He could go into heart failure very gradually, or his heart could just stop and down he would go.

Magnum is now retired with immediate effect

3 thoughts on “The Heart of the Problem

  1. We knew this day would come, and to be honest, bearing in mind the state in was in when we gave him a home, his working life has lasted longer than I thought. But his retirement starts today, and it will be a long and happy one. We love him, and he will have the best possible life. We know he is happy, grazing in our fields, mutual grooming with Sapphire, and occasionally cantering around playing tag with her! His heart might have an irregular beat, but it is a big and loving heart. He has a twinkle in his eye, and a piece of hay hanging out the side of his rather wide smile!

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