Tonight’s the Night

Well, I can’t put it off any longer. A very strong message is being sent. It’s time for the girls to start coming in at night. When we turned them back out after being in for a few hours the other day, well, they weren’t very impressed. Florence even tried to bring herself back in! They are spending far too much time loitering by the gate, and starting to be first as soon as they see a head collar.

Message received and understood.

Not only that, but the weather is getting horrible, the fields are getting boggy, and the grass has stopped growing. Last night I spent a guilt ridden, sleepless night listening to the wind, rain, and hale.

Winter is coming!

Mucking out , Haynes, mud, rugs…

Actually, they are coming in later than they did last year. Also, without the frequent trips to hospital and surgery , it should be much easier to get into a routine this winter.

Bring it on!

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