Unwanted Guests

I think it’s something that every horse owner encounters from time to time. However, it’s the first time I’ve had to deal with it myself. . While Amy were away last week, Amy noticed that the girls had lice! Well actually, she noticed them on Ldonid, but, this is one of those things that horses like to share.

I was still reeling , and itching , from this news, when, as I was mixing the feeds, young Ben said “wow, that’s the biggest wasp I’ve deer seen! Is it a hornet?”! Now, I really don’t do flying insects of any kind. I try to control my fear, but frankly even butterflies give me the sillies! I tell myself that it’s just a fly, or that Bees are beneficial and hard working little forces for good. Really though, if it has more than 4 legs and also has wings, then count me out. The sound of buzzing makes my blood run cold, and sets off a panic reaction. . I’ve been stung far too often, both by bees and wasps., and, while I know it’s a last resort for a bee, I can’t help thinking that . So when I am trying to ignore the large and loudly buzzing creature that is frantically circumnavigating my head, all the time trying to convince myself it’s just a fly, I could have done without the truth. Time to beat a retreat and get Hal the Intrepid to investigate.

Nothing to add here folks. Just a Queen Wasp laying eggs and beginning to build a nest immediately above the shed door!!!

Well sorry your magesty, you are going to have to go! I don’t know what he did, but Hal dealt with it and Queenie hasn’t come back.

Off to the shops for some insecticidal shampoo, some louse powder, and some wasp killer.

Yesterday Amy, who deserves some kind of medal, came round and helped us wash all 4 horses. It was a mixed experience. Leo and Flo weren’t keen, Sapph threw the full hissy tantrum, but the surprise was Breeze, who stood as quite as a lamb throughout. She really is turning into easy pony bless her.

They all looked and belt beautiful afterwards, and were a lot less itchy. I kept them in over night as the farrier came this morning, but we just turned then out, so let’s see.wasps sting vindictively.

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