Ups and Downs

It has been a bit of a frustrating time of late where our equine ambitions are concerned.

Both horses have been seen by a back lady. Unsurprisingly Magnum needed some work. Sapphire didn’t though. Magnum has also had a new (well new to us) fitted. It seems however, that Mag’s preferred his old broken saddle! He has become very resentful of having his girth tightened, especially with me on board. He shoots backwards! I am at a loss. He’s obviously in pain, but where?

My plan to start riding Sapphire again is moving on, and I have actually sat on her! However I was forced to hop straight of because her saddle slipped! She’s such a little barrel at the moment!

Poor Hal experienced his 2nd ever fall a few weeks ago, just to make things even more challenging. He’s coming along brilliantly, and his confidence is, was, growing with every lesson,. So what happened? He lost his balance trotting too fast round the corner of the school. It wasn’t a bad fall, but it set off his sciatica ! He is back in the saddle now though. Thankfully.

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