Feeling content

One of my favourite times is first thing in the morning when I go to check the horses, top up their water, and, in the winter, feed them. It’s one of the very few times that I am entirely alone with them. Usually my morning trip to the field coincides with one of the local farmers checking his sheep on the other side of the valley. Apart from his quad bike, it’s so quiet round here at that time of the morning , that we could be the only two people in the whole wide world. . Yes, occasionally I have to wake Hal up because I can’t find one or more of the horses, or I think there might be a problem, but this is rare. Also, I do oversleep sometimes, which is not so rare.

As I was down there this morning, the only person in the world, as my sheep farming friend did not make an appearance, I was reflecting on how much we’ve achieved. Today is the second anniversary of Leonie joining us. When she came to us we did not yet have stables, I was still riding Magnum, I had only just been accepted onto the retinal implant trial, and we had never heard of Florence or Breeze. How times have changed!

As I stood there this morning with our four lovely girls all nuzzling me for attention and treats, I felt hugely content with life. The girls are all really settled, and really bonded as a herd. They are all well, and seem to be at peace with the world. We must be doing something right.

We’ve achieved a lot in a very short time, and have some exciting plans in the pipelines. Fingers crossed things keep going the way they are.

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