Straight lines, Who Needs ‘em?

This time last year I was seriously pulling my hair out as a result of the inconsiderate actions of certain people and their attitude towards fireworks and animals. This year, apart from one night, which was actually the Friday before Halloween, when some individual who has no consideration for anybody else decided to have a fireworks party without forewarning anyone, we seem to have come through the silly season extremely quietly.

Last week I achieved a dream. I had a lesson on Florence. Hopefully the first of own horse, in my own school! Honestly, who’d have thought it? Melissa came over and did the honours, and I think things went pretty well. However, one thing, which to be honest was no huge surprise, has been made abundantly clear. I am completely incapable of riding in a straight line! Granted, some of the problem could be down to Florence not being straight, but really only a very small part. It’s mostly down to crooked, stiff old me. Absolutely no sense of direction, think I’m sitting straight when I’m twisting or leaning, no idea when I’ve drifted of track. Let’s face it, I can’t actually walk in a straight line.flo is just doing what she’s being asked to do. I’m just not making the right request.

There is much work to do.

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