About Nikki

I am unashamedly horse obsessed. Horses are integral to my wellbeing, they ground me,take me away from them and I am a very unhappy indeed.

The youngest child of unhorsey parents, while I began riding at a local riding school when I was 9, I didn’t get my 1st horse until I was 21.

Like my older brother, I was born with a condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa. This means that I have always been visually impaired, and have been totally blind for a very long time, which complicates things.

I am married to my best friend Hal, who has reluctantly come over to the dark side, and is as enthralled to the horses as I am. Hal has a chronic back problem, has Asperger Syndrome, and lives with anxiety and depression, whivch also complicates matters.

In 2014we moved to the other side of Devon to a place with it’s own land so we could keep our horses at home and look after them ourselves for the first time ever.

Join us and the horses on our adventures and misadventures, as we live the dream in our own unique way.

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