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Have you ever noticed that, people are very quick to tell the world about the negative things that happen to them? They are all over Social Media when they receive the substandard service, when an item that they have purchased does not meet up to their expectations, or if they believe they have been treated unfairly. I’m glad they are, because then I know to proceed with caution, or avoid the situation altogether. However, it seems to me, that people are less vocal when it comes to the good experiences they have. The absolute bargain that exceeds all expectation, the shining example of customer service, or the company or individual that go above and beyond, rarely seem to get the recognition they deserve. This seems a bit wrong to me. If you’ve had a positive experience, why not shout it from the hilltops? That way, not only can other people benefit from similar experience, The individual or company, Who have given you such good service, can potentially benefit from increased trade. Everyone’s a winner. For that reason I have created this page in order to recommend those organisations, individuals, goods, and services, which have exceeded my own expectations. This is a very personal list of recommendations, based on my own experience only. I am not a professional, and have no formal equestrian qualifications. Neither am I sponsored by any of these organisations, and have no financial interest in them or work for them. This is just a list of companies, individuals, goods, and services, that I would recommend to you if you asked me for my advice. For obvious reasons many of them are Devon-based, but not exclusively. Every time I Think that something is worth recommending I will add it to the list.



1. M and S Plant Hire

Lower Priestacott Farm



EX21 5EL

Tel : 01409 211225

Email : Darren.martyn@hotmail.co.uk


These are the people who built our school. From the very beginning they went over and above to help us. They also took our unique situation with me being blind into account at all times. Conscientious and considerate towards not only us and our horses, but our neighbours as well. Hard-working, And not a single corner cut. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough


2. Nikki LoramMmCP – Masterson Method Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork

South Zeal

Nor. Okehampton Devon

Tel: 07944 056703

No website, but has a Face Book page and can be contacted via Face Book Messenger.

Masterson Method is a gentle yet powerful form of bodywork. Our horses not only benefit greatly from it, but seem to thoroughly enjoy their treatments. Nikki Loram has an obvious love for, and affinity with , horses. Highly recommended by horses and owners alike.


Hay Gain


An expensive outlay, but so worth it.