Something New Every Day

A wise man, or indeed it could have been a wise woman, once said that you never stop learning where horses are concerned. How right they were.

Two weeks ago I finally started having lessons again. At the moment I’m going over to Melissa’s and having lessons on dear old Goldie. , but I intend to start having lessons on Florence soon, she just needs to be a bit fitter. . She’s not the only one!

One of the great things about Melissa is her open mindedness. I’m not sure if she’s ever net anyone who is blind before me, let alone give them riding lessons, but that hasn’t stopped her pushing me. She’s even had me jumping!

This week we introduced my Riding School mount, a rather gorgeous 16hh Palomino mare called Goldie, to my Talking Letters. Bless her, she didn’t turn a hair. It must be very confusing for a horse, suddenly being inside a ring of visembodied human voices, all shouting letters at the top of their voice. Frankly it amazed that any horse will put up with it. While Breeze won’t even enter the school with them running quietly, it seems that Florence, and mow Goldie, are prepared to give it a go. This means that I cam concentrate on what me and my mount are actually doing, rather than worry about where we ‘re going quite so much.

I’ve had another new horsey experience this week too, but this time with Florence. Bizarrely, despite having had Flo for 2 1/2 years now, and even though this area could rightly be described as horse infested, I have never yet another horse while out riding Flo. Until Saturday that is. . So, when, on Saturday, Hal told me that we were about to pass to who were approaching us, I had no idea Florence was going to react. So I sat up, gathered up my Reims, put my leg on, and said “Good girl, walk on!”. I needn’t have worried. Bless her, she just carried on as if they weren’t there. Now even dear old Magnum would have let me down in the circumstances. He would always walk past the other horses, then when my guard was down, throw in a U-turn, and start walking behind them.

. It didn’t how prepared I was, or how hard I tried to ride him forward, when 16.3hh of ex riding school, Irish Draught, decides it’s time to joithe back of the ride, there’s nothing 5ft 3 of overweight, under fit blimd can do about it. You can take the horse out of the Riding school, but you can’t take the Riding school out of the horse. It could be a bit embarrassing really.

We met them again later. This time in a much narrower lane. Once again Florence was the epitome of politeness. She’s such a lovely horse..,n

Day 10 – Standing Out.

That thing that I wish everybody would wear, not just at this time of year but all year round, it’s high viz clothing. There seems to be a lot of focus on what is fashionable, but not necessarily practical, in all the horsey magazines, and websites., and sadly, there still seems to be the attitude in certain circles, that there is something wrong with wearing high viz clothing when out and about in countryside.

This was highlighted by a visitor to our house, Who took one look at my husbands Bright orange Equi safety Riding code, declared that he wouldn’t be seen dead in it.

he was totally bemused by my response”That’s the whole idea!”.

3 years!

I’m a bit late writing this. I’m struggling a bit at the moment. I have absolutely no idea why. Anyway…

Last Tuesday, 30th May, was the 3rd anniversary of us coming here!

3 years!

So where did that go then? In many ways it feels like the last 3 years have flown by. In a strange, and very good way though, it feels like we’ve always been here. .

So, I’m reflection would I change anything? Well yes. A couple of extra acres wouldn’t go amiss. I’ve blogged before about how we horse owners are never happy with the amount of grass we have. . We never actually meant to have 4 horses though, so really only have enough room for 3. We wouldn’t be without any of them though.

Another thing I’d do something about if I had a magic wand is the lack of off-road riding around here. There are a couple of bridlepaths, but you need to do a lot of road work to get to them, and then they just link 1 road to another. We’re lucky, our 2 rideable horses are both rock solid in traffic. Sadly though, it seems that many drivers haven’t got a clue how to drive around horses. It would be a real benefit them, if there was somewhere a bit closer where we could get off the road.

My magic wand could also sort out Hal’s back for him. He’s in a lot of pain, and it’s getting him down.

Would I want to be anywhere else? Absolutely not! This is a lovely village full of good people. I love it here. This is home.