Now That’s Better

Yes! We did it! This morning I actually went for a ride! We didn’t go very far, only down to the village square and back, so just under a mile, but, as neither Florence, Hal or I are in any way fit, it was enough.

I’m delighted to report that i was nowhere near as stiff as I thought I would be. Not only that, but I didn’t experience any pain while in the saddle.I haven’t felt any since either, although I expect I’ll be stiff tomorrow.

I truly am blessed to have Florence. If I didn’t know that she had only been ridden for 20 minutes in the last 2 months, nothing in her behaviour today would have told me. She was obviously delighted to be out and doing, but she didn’t put a foot wrong. You’d have thought she had been out only yesterday. What a star!

Really have got my mojo back now

Tonight’s the Night

Well, I can’t put it off any longer. A very strong message is being sent. It’s time for the girls to start coming in at night. When we turned them back out after being in for a few hours the other day, well, they weren’t very impressed. Florence even tried to bring herself back in! They are spending far too much time loitering by the gate, and starting to be first as soon as they see a head collar.

Message received and understood.

Not only that, but the weather is getting horrible, the fields are getting boggy, and the grass has stopped growing. Last night I spent a guilt ridden, sleepless night listening to the wind, rain, and hale.

Winter is coming!

Mucking out , Haynes, mud, rugs…

Actually, they are coming in later than they did last year. Also, without the frequent trips to hospital and surgery , it should be much easier to get into a routine this winter.

Bring it on!

A Stable Environment

We don’t actually have any stables at Albert’s Bungalow ,or at least we didn’t . So one of the first things we did was apply for planning permission. What a complicated, long winded, stressful and frustrating process! However, after many objections from the neighbours, even more fruitless conversations with the planning department of Torridge District Council and our planning con-sultan; together with much support from other neighbours, and many fruitful conversations with the Parish Council, and our local District Councillor, we finally got planning permission in October .
Unfortunately by the time permission was granted it was too late to get the stables built before winter. Enter plan B. We Willl put a temporary mobile stable unit to tide us over for the winter.

We paid John Griffiths of Okehampton £2000 as deposit on a £4000 24ft x 12ft mobile block. He took our money, but we never got our stables. We have subsequently found out that we are not the only people he has done this to. Don’t worry, we have reported him to the relevant authorities. Be careful, and avoid this man like the plague. His website is
He also uses EBay to advertise his website. His username is Battfinc.
All this caused us more than a few problems, not the least of which is where to stable the horses over winter. Enter plan C.
Hal has converted our garage into stables! Thankfully Hal knows his way round a piece of wood and is handy with a saw. Also thankfully we have a generously proportioned double garage. Magnum and Sapphire have taken to it like it’s the most natural thing in the world, despite having to go in and through a really narrow door. They also seem to be OK sharing the space with their hay and bedding. The neighbours seem to be OK with it too thank all the gods!